Workforce Management

Suggest workforce management improvements
Trend report for all metrics, especially Team Performance for period over period
As a workforce manager, I'd love to be able to view in a trend line chart, different date range options, a comparison of all key performance metrics to help tell the story with the data better. I'd love the trend charts day over day, week over week, month over month, even being able to open up an annual trend and being able to choose a daily or weekly trend line. What I'd love to see is the ability to see key performance metrics that could be driving SL up or down, depending on behaviors that are highlighted through performance metrics like adherence, AHT, occupancy, etc all within a similar view. I could then see any dramatic upticks in AHT, for example, that may drive occupancy up and SL down without an influx in contacts - hope that makes sense. In today's world, we have to navigate through various reports and that data is displayed differently across them so it ends up being exported and built outside of Assembled with some finessing. But, if it's readily available to view together within the tool, it would help significantly reduce the LOE it takes to get these comparisons - and with visual charts. We do Weekly, Monthly, Tertially (4 months) and Annual business reviews, so being able to visualize the trends of a busy season for ELT, for example, and provide the detailed context of the weekly manager's focus areas all within an easy to digest format would help us spend more time in other critical focus areas.
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